Porty stars making waves in title push

Edinburgh Herald & Post, Thurs 15th Sep 2011.  

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“Reaching the top 5 is our immediate goal...even one win this weekend [17th-18th Sep in Lancaster] would vitually guarantee this” 

Youths urged to make a splash

Edinburgh Herald & Post, Thurs 20th May 2010. 

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“We are looking to the future and maintaining continuity” 

Seventh and Safe

Published at http://www.scottishswimming.com/index.php?id=2325

“It feels like winning a trophy” that was the assessment of the Portobello water polo team after successfully completing another season in the top division of the British Water Polo League by finishing in 7 place. The league structure will be re-organised with only the top 7 teams guaranteed to remain in the first division next year and after a challenging previous two years where Portobello finished 8 and 9 the target for 2010 was 7th position.

Portobello have assembled a strong squad of 17 players drawn from locally developed talent, students and foreign imports, and a mix of experience and youth. With 17 games played over 7 weekends the British Water Polo League is a challenge not only from a playing perspective, but with the venues spread all over England and Wales from a financial perspective as well. The team has to fly to three of the venues which are in the south of England and in Wales, as well as fly in goalkeeper Simon Fuste from Barcelona for every weekend. The first half of the season sees all 10 teams play each other once, with a split then leaving a top five and a bottom five to play each other a further twice. Many of the top five teams have full time professionals and a number of foreign imports, and with the Portobello team still being moulded into a system of play it is always a challenging phase of the league, however, after the first round of games Portobello were in 8 place with two wins and a draw. The second half of the season is the real business half, and with only two of the bottom five teams guaranteed a place in the first division, the third team having a play off with the winners of division 2, and the teams in 9 and 10 relegated, it was vital for Portobello and Scottish Water Polo that 7 place was achieved.

The second half of the season saw the Portobello team start to build up confidence and momentum and over the 8 games took 11 out of a possible 16 points, winning five and drawing one game including two strong wins over fellow celtic rivals the Welsh Wanderers. The final weekend required a minimum of one point from two games and this was secured in the first game with a 7-7 draw against Invicta, and followed up by a convincing 12-7 victory over the Welsh with captain Neilson Rutherford scoring 4 goals in the second half.

The need for Portobello to retain a place in division one is essential for the development of Scottish Water Polo, it allows our players to complete at the highest club level in Great Britain against athletes who are professional and striving for a place in the London 2012 Olympics.

The team now have the opportunity to complete in the British Championships in February 2011 in Manchester,an end of season shoot out between the top 8 teams to decide the British Champion and qualification places for the European Club competitions later in 2011.

The British Water Polo League was formed earlier this year when the National Water Polo League and the National Women’s Water Polo League merged to form a single body to run the premier water polo league in Great Britain.




Simon Fuste (GK), James Scobie, Gary Ward, Keith Anderson, Neilson Rutherford, Kevin Johnston, Ed Grundy, Nuno Oliveira, Lewis Dawson, Tom Cramond, Kirk Sandvig, Ben Johnston, Rob Loveless, Fraser Rutherford, Barry Davidson, Michael Laverty(GK), David Armstrong(GK).

Coach: Alan Anderson, Assistant Coach: Ramon Valvona

Water Polo Club Making a Big Splash...

Edinburgh Herald & Post, Thurs 23rd Dec 2010. 

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