The Porty U18's had a convincing win at the RCP tonight winning 19-5 v Aberdeen. Aberdeen are new to the league and found the going tough against the young Porty Team but to their credit they never stopped swimming. With a couple of regular players unavailable it allowed Maksim Livingstone and Max Rait from the U16 team to play in this U18 league.

4 goals from Captain Clayton Woods in the first quarter, 1 for Ben Scott and 1 for Esme McGregor along with great defence and swimming from Jodie White, Gregor Turner, Esme McGregor and Bethany Livingstone saw Porty take a 6-1 lead. However a disappointing 2nd quarter where it was 2-2 meant an 8-3 lead at half time. The 3rd was back to business as usual for Clayton with another 4 and Ben Scott 3 making the score 15-3 going into the last and the final score 19-5.

The game allowed every player to get water time and with goals coming from a mix of players it showed the depth and strength of the team against a very mobile Aberdeen team who kept swimming all match.

Team: James Gardner, Casey Scott (1), Jodie White, Esme McGregor (1), Clayton Woods (9), Bethany Livingstone, Ben Scott (5), Ethan Hogg, Gregor Turner, Stuart McBain (2), Max Rait, Maksim Livingstone (1)