Portobello had a fantastic final two games to wrap up their BWPL 2011 campaign. They were up against Penguin and Cheltenham, winning both games convincingly.

Porty vs. Penguin 14-6  (2-0, 2-1, 4-2, 6-2)

Man-up scored 3/7 43%;Pen 1/1

Man-down saved 3/5 60%

Porty started with great control and focus, winning a man-up in the first attack and creating a good number of real goal scoring opportunities early on, whilst a strong defence gave Penguin little opportunity to establish their attack. Throughout, Porty were a threat from all attacking positions and a variety of goals came from counter attack, centre forward and outside shots. The defence remained strong and Penguin were largely unable to utilise their centre forward. When the ball did go in the pit the work-rate from Porty was excellent to scamper from the arc positions to steal. 

Porty vs. Cheltenham 13-7 (6-1, 4-0, 0-4, 3-2)

Man-up scored 2/8 25%;

Man-down saved 3/4 75%; pen 1/2

The momentum from the previous win was carried forward into this match. Porty played with rhythm. control and power. Goals came in from the field, counter attacks and man-up situations. The defence was, again, excellent. Porty were some nine goals ahead at the half way point and despite a strong Cheltenham response in the 3rd period, Porty consolidated their play in the 4th to secure a convincing win.

So Porty finish the season in 5th position for the Super 5s. Interestingly their goal difference was just -1 compared to the 3rd and 4th place teams with -32 and -15 respectively. What Porty can take from this is that their previous Super 5s matches were closely fought and therefore only lost on margins.

Porty now turn their focus to the British Championships which will take place on 4/5th Feb (Qualifiers) and 18/19th Feb (Finals) in Manchester.