After 2 excellent victories against Cheltenham and Lancaster this weekend, Porty have booked their place in the semi-final of the British Championships. 

Porty played excellently against Cheltenham to be 5 goals up after 3 periods. Cheltenham came back in the fourth but Porty edged it 12 - 11.

The momentum continued into their second game of the day and Lancaster were unable to threaten Porty at any point in the match. Porty played some excellent defence to snub most of Lancaster's attacks, and in offence Porty played with discipline and composure to put in some 15 goals to Lancaster's 6 in reply. Porty have had some close games against Lancaster in the BWPL this season, but without a win. Today's win is the first victory for Porty over Lancaster in several years.

On Sunday, Porty played Invicta which ended in a 10-10 draw. This result would have no bearing on the outcome and Porty will play Bristol in the Semi-final on 18th Feb 2012 at Manchester Aquatic centre. The second Semi-final will feature Manchester vs. Cheltenham.

Live commentary was provided for the qualifiers, see here, and this will also be done for the Finals. Please visit the live page on Sat 18th Feb and show your support by following the match in real-time. You can post your messages of support to the team.