Porty have now played in their first 3 BWPL weekends in the 'Super 5s', having travelled to Lancaster, Crystal Palace and Loughborough in Nov/Dec. 

Despite having bagged some 53 goals over 6 games and having produced some of their best performances for years against the toughest teams in Britain, Porty have unfortunately been unable to grab a win and are currently positioned at the bottom of the Super 5s. 

The team can be proud that they are producing well crafted goals to remain in contention and the work rate is excellent. The main reason for the lack of victories so far is due to the number of 'cheap' goals conceded. This coupled with a few questionable refereeing decisions has often been enough for the momentum to sway to the opposition. 

With some hard work over the next few weeks we'd all like to see Porty bagging some wins, they are certainly capable!

Come on Porty!